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What you will learn

  • Write complex level program in the intermediate level.
  • Good understandings of object oriented programming.
  • Gain understandings of JAVA FX in deep.
  • Build serious UI applications in swing.
  • Understandings about Construct in serialization, exception handling, cloning, the immutability and object reference types.


Course Content

  1. Coding is like cooking
  2. An object-oriented state of Mind
  3. Java language constructs
  4. Threading and concurrency
  5. Functional programming
  6. Recursion, Reflection , Annotations, Dates, Packages and jars
  7. UI programming JAVA FX and MVC
  8. Problems for Practice.


  • Lectures are taught by the ex-Googler and team of husband and wife.
  • This course needed integrated development Environment (IDE).
  • In this course you will find hundreds of code lines and comments.



  • Little information about Programming.
  • Software needed IDE JRE and there is a detailed video about how to run these software’s



  1. What’s covered :
  • Basic Programming
  • The object-oriented paradigm
  • Threading and concurrency
  • Reflection ,Annotations
  • Lambda Functions
  • Modern java constructs
  • Packages and jars
  • Design and Swings
  • Language features


  1. Who this course for :
  • This course designed for those who have zero programming experience.
  • Engineering Students, Doctor ,Artist, Accountants etc everybody can learn this course.



Sharing is caring!

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